From classical to loft-style


Current examples of offers

No. Floor Rooms Size approx. ready for occupation Price View Status
TC1545 Ground floor 1 42.30 m² yes - Floor plan reserved
TC1544 Ground floor 1 39.85 m² yes - Floor plan reserved
TC1076 Ground floor 2 44.80 m² yes - sold
TC1005 Ground floor 3 113.40 m² yes - sold
TC1073 Ground floor 3 77.30 m² yes - sold
TC1125 Ground floor 2 63.80 m² yes - sold
TC915 Ground floor 2 49.60 m² yes - sold
TC879 Ground floor 3 171.80 m² yes - sold
TC884 Ground floor 1 52.00 m² yes - sold
TC907 Ground floor 2 40.90 m² yes - sold
TC882 Ground floor 1 136.50 m² yes - sold
TC911 Ground floor 4 118.10 m² yes - sold
TC914 Ground floor 1 40.30 m² yes - sold
TC869 Ground floor 3 119.80 m² yes - sold
TC1122 Ground floor 2 44.95 m² yes - sold

Stylish lofts of up to 170 m² in area with columns, brick walls and various levels in a peaceful courtyard or a classical Art Nouveau ambience with parquet floors, high rooms and ornate ceilings – the 26 apartments at Grimmstrasse 23 radiate a very special charm, characterized by individual flair and fine details. Brightly tiled bathrooms and kitchens flooded with light make the apartments even homelier. The rich choice here makes it difficult to opt for one particular architectural style.